How to understand CSS easily!

Guys i am new here and as well as in web development so i am facing much problem in CSS that how to understand CSS, or do i need to remember it’s coding?

Hi mickey. To be honest, it really doesn’t look like you’ve put a lot of thought into this question. Surely you know that everything requires study and application. CSS is relatively easy, but it still does require some systematic study. A few good days of solid study should be enough to establish pretty solid foundations, and you can build on this start as you go.

Hello mickeypaul, welcome to Sitepoint :).

CSS is something that is easy to learn the basics, although to truly get good at CSS, you will require dedication and study. There’s just too many sub-topics in CSS to tell you where to start :).

Work, work and more work. I’d say video tutorials help me as well as i can rerun them until it sinks in & i can also select topics i might need.

I’d say it needs a combination of both: thorough understanding of the basic principles, and ready knowledge of the basic applications. More complicated/specific matters are hard to remember, because often the devil is in the details. So I would suggest to create a Webdesign folder in your Favorites/Bookmarks with links to pages that explain or contain them.

There are good tutorials for beginners on the webnet; just try this Google search.

For more complicated matters, you might wanna bookmark my tutorials on among other things positioning, centering, sticky footers and multi-level navigation menus. Having said that, the tutorial on positioning is one that should be studied as soon as you’ve gone over and understand the basics. And one that should be studied and exercised with until you really understand it. Positioning is something you will need very, very often.

a great book to start learning - CSS3: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland - all set out very clear. Good luck