How to turn xp into ftp server using xampp

hey folks,
i have a win xp machine which is running a live website with static live ip. i need to make it a ftp server so that everyone can work out connecting there pc. instead of waiting in a que. how can i do that. the website is on xampp and also with oracle. so i guess the IIS server is out of question?


You’re talking apples and oranges, man! Neither Apache nor IIS are FTP servers, they are WEB servers!

All you need to do is install an FTP server (moving you to the server management board).



To run FTP server on top of XP I would recommend:

Actually, IIS does have a limited FTP server. Should be an option under add/remove features.

Also, you shouldn’t be running XP as a production web server.

the pc is running apache (xampp). will IIS/Ftp will bother it?

XAMPP has the Filezilla FTP Server as one of its components so you should be able to use that.