How to translate my website?

So I have installed magento on my website. I want to translate it to croatian, but there is only one module for that language and its compatible with magento 1.6.

So my question to you is: Is there any way to translate my website?

One option might be to use the Google Translate API:

That would be too good. How modules for languages work? They contain translation for every english word or phrase?? If so, then I could somehow edit,say, russian plugin and just edit words in that plugin?

I really don’t know. I just saw the article today and thought it might be of use. Google is pretty good at translating web pages, so they obviously have some pretty powerful tools going on there.

This might be of use:

You still get the best translations if you get them done by a professional translator.

Automated translations fine are, but some of time don’t sound very fluent which can be annoyed to people.

program uses automatic translation is difficult to use the website. You should translate offline by manual methods