How to Transfer domain name from Godaddy to Name

hi guys…

I want to switch from Godaddy.

Please tell me How to Transfer domain name from Godaddy to Name?

  1. Bring up your domain in Godaddy’s domain manager, and make sure that you have access to the email listed under registrant email.
  2. On the lower left of the domain manager, look for the text that says “Authorization code” and click the “Send by email” link next to it.
  3. You will receive a code in your email. Copy it to the clipboard.
  4. Go to and log in.
  5. In the footer menu, click “Transfer domain.”
  6. Enter the name of the domain you wish to transfer, paste the authorization code in the appropriate box, and click the Add button.
  7. Click Checkout and pay.

The process takes a couple of days, during which time you will likely receive two emails - one from Godaddy and one from Name - which you will need to confirm.

I’m going partly from memory on this, so a step or two may be slightly different - but you get the idea.

Two things to do before domain transfer is unlock domain and remove private registration
otherwise domain transfer will fail, and the follow steps as said by kenquad.

Quite right - I skipped an important step.