How to track social media mentions?

We are trying to use social media to gather feedback (good and bad) and listen more to our users/students (I work at a school.)

Is there any free/paid tool that allows us to gather all feedback (whether it be related to search terms or what) and let us get reports on it? Here are the ideal social medias.

YikYak (only available as app)
??? (Am I missing any big ones that kids use these days?)

I’ve Googled for some but there are just so many tools and I’d at LEAST like a free trial if there is a paid one that does everything we want. YikYak is a big one with the students over here so I’d REALLY want capability of tracking that.

Hey Ryan…

Have you looked at hootsuite it allows you to manage all your social media needs.

Other than that google plus, you tube, vine, tumblr, instagram, linkedIn, pinterest…just to name a few.

THank you I’ll look into this and report back.

Looking for “social listening” tools will lead you to a bunch of options. We use BuzzSumo and TweetDeck; Radian6 is another big one.

You could also not use a tool, and just utilize Twitter hashtags. For instance, you could create a hashtag, such as: #YourSchoolName and create a campaign for users to leave feedback using that hashtag. Then you could just search Twitter for that hashtag.

I tried, however many fail to listen to YikYak, which is a huge app used around this campus.

The YikYak is almost mandatory.

Does it have an API?

Seems being a “10 mile radius” thing it wouldn’t be an easy thing to work with.

I just sent yikyak a message to find out.

Worst case scenario is that we have a few different tools. I just got into work so I’ll have to check into hootsuite now.

[quote=“LaurenH, post:5, topic:117710”]
ou could also not use a tool, and just utilize Twitter hashtags.
[/quote]Due to the nature of this school and paranoia, almost no students here use twitter or the appropriate twitter hashtags. Even facebook is losing traction. It’s almost all on YikYak (for the anonymity it provides.)

That’s a really interesting problem. I don’t know of any tool that integrates with YikYak, because it seems to be built specifically to not be searchable/trackable. Hmm.

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I did a lot of searching and no tool ahs come up. I’m still waiting on YikYak to respond to my query.

I mean I could just load up YikYak and read through crap for 20 minutes each day. My boss is understanding; it might be that no tool exists to monitor YikYak. I seee nothing on Google that would contradict this assumption. Thank you for all the help.

Have you tried Mention and Social Mentions? By using them you can track different keywords on Twitter, Facebook.

Thank you for your input. Around a month ago we tried out TrackUR and decided that as an organization, we just do not get any actionable information (our IT department wanted to track IT related information…outages, 404s, reputation management, etc.)

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Use IFTTT to manage your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, YouTube and many more - You can create conditional chain to take a specific action of given recipes.

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