How To Track Ad Impression of Self Created Ad Banners

I want to track ad impressions for my self created Ad banner. Actually I have participated 1 year ago in Poker automatics and now I want to put the afiiliate banner on my blog to get referrals, but when I am placing the Ad, they are not tracking any Impression or Clicks on that banner, but I want to check the Impressions and clicks made on that banner. If any of you have some Idea to tracking ad impressions then please recommend me.
I already aware of, and other shortening urls, so pls don’t suggest me because it gives only number of clicks not count impressions. Also don’t recommend for, I want a tool or site for free to track the banner impressions.


You could use Piwik (free server side analytics software). It has a content tracking feature. You’ll be able to track both impressions and clicks of not just your self created ads, but any content on your site.

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Wow, finally my query is replied. If it works for me then really I shall be thankful to you.
Now am going to try this and later I will share my experience here.

I never use Piwik and personally say I did some research to find some best ad impression tools. But everyone suggest Google Analytics. You need to create some campaign and need to add custom tracking code in it.

That would be good for tracking incoming clicks from external ads pointing to your own site, but as far as I know, it’s not so good for tracking impressions and outgoing clicks of ads on your own site, pointing to elsewhere.

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Creating campaign in analytics is free???

Yes. You can create free custom campaign in analytics for different marketing channel like Paid, Display & Referral etc to track the visitor data. All you need is to generate a dynamic tracking URLs parameters for every campaign.

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