How to tell posts to use single.php

Hi - my understanding from google is that if I want to split a post in 2, I need to use single.php and add this to it:

<?php wp_link_pages(); ?>

My problem is I’m using a static front page and I can’t find where in my dashboard I can tell wordpress to use single.php for all my posts. I opened “Posts — Posts Page” on “All Pages” and there’s no dropdown there to choose the template. Also in each indiv post there’s no dropdown for template choice.

Do you know how I can tell WP to use single.php for my posts? I think it’s defaulting now to index.php. Each post is a single page because I set it in settings/reading as “1” in “Blog pages show at most”

I tried adding <?php wp_link_pages(); ?> to index.php but still <!––nextpage––> does not work in my post.

thank you! - Val

If it’s anything like the CMS I use (not WP), there ought to be a tag that you can insert into the text of the post as you’re creating it. You basically write all of the post text, as you would any other, then add the tag in at the point where you want it to split. I’d have thought the WP site documentation would have plenty of info on how that’s done as it’s such a common requirement.

that’s my question!

As I said, I don’t use Wordpress, I’d suggest looking at their online documentation.

I’ve looked everywhere! Hoping someone knows the answer…

I found the answer in another forum. I was using “Template Name:” and you can’t do that for single.php or page.php. Template name is just for specialized pages.

Once I changed this:

Template Name: SingleMine

to this in single.php:


Then wordpress automatically displays posts using single.php

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