How to tell a UK debit card from a credit card

I’m working on an existing site that has a custom-built order process, and part of that process asks the user if they are paying by credit or debit card.

If they are paying by credit card it adds a handling fee.

However, some users have cottoned on and are selecting debit card, then entering a credit card number etc.

Is there any way to tell the two apart by the 16-digit number?

I am unsure if you can tell the difference, What I would do is remove the choice and simply offer one price for everyone (taking into account taxes, handling fees and other important parts of the process), it will prevent abuse of your payment system considerably.

I think many merchant online already set up that system,I found many place like CB merchant or PP merchant they say that debit card and credit card are threatened same,I think they already automate it.but once more ,other member should have better answer,plus they may curse this silly answer,if my responds is not properly

Why should they have a better answer, if you cannot tell the cards apart (which to all intensive purposes I am aware of, this is the case) my answer would be the appropriate one. :slight_smile:

Ryanair can definitely tell the difference.

Came across this

Turns out they can be distinguished by their BIN.

Hopefully the payment processor can supply the client with an up to date UK list.