How to target mass SME segment and which channel works best?

Hi All,

I developed a web application (cause I belive this will be the future) called CO3. It is mainly targeted for the SMEs (Small and Medium size companies and Freelancers). But my main problem is that I have not got a concrete segment in it to target. I think my application is useful for everyone who is looking for a better way to stay organized - using only one system (not like using 3, 4 or 5 small apps to do this).

I try to select a good channel to market my cloud application. I thinking about: LinkedIn advertisements, Facebook targeting, Google Adwords(??), I saw that Commindo Media has a lot of blog ad space, etc. But maybe there are better and more effective places out there to reach my potential customers.

So I stuck at this point and don’t know which one is best for me. I need your suggestions and please share your experiences with me about this things!

Thank you!