How to take a screenshot Programmatically and download it in png format?

I have built a Tizen app in which i put one background image and one text view on that background. So, i want to merge both view and make png image which user can download.

I have no experience with Tizen, but I imagine there’s a good chance it’s possible.

Would there be a “watermarking” feature you could use in whatever image utility you’re using?

Same here.

This suggests that the image is to be created on the server side then downloaded, not natively in the app on the client device. Is that correct?
If so, what are you using on the server-side?

What was that?

Typically watermarks are something like a faint
© NehaSaxenaPhotography
placed into an image to help prevent misuse of the image by others.

I was thinking there might be a way to have the the text not be faint.

I m talking about Tizen app

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