How to switch stylesheets in Chrome?

Hoi all,

I have a heck of a time figuring anything out with Chrome, due to the total lack of menus (and I have taken out the “Hide stuff” menu option, but no luck).

I’m wondering how I would choose an alternate stylesheet if offered by a web page in Chrome for Linux. In other browsers, you can choose it from the menu, usually under View.

Googling around just shows my Google-fu sucks: lots of advice on how to BUILD alternate stylesheets with Javascript, or set the user stylesheet, lawlz. I just want to select it (via the browser, not a link the webmaster has placed on the page).

Thanks in advance

The simple truth: It’s not yet possible, I want that as much as native RSS / Atom support :frowning:

It’s not yet possible



bleh, ok. Better than me being the typical moron and just not finding it. Still bummed I couldn’t even find THAT on the googles.