How to stylize an image like this (stencils/stickers)

Hi everyone,

I recently came across this image and was curious as to how one would turn a photo into such an design which could then be used for stickers or logos or whatever?
If anyone could point me to a tutorial or even let me know the nameof the style so I could investigate it myself that would be great.

Thanks for any help.

Yeah, I should have mentioned that. I’ve got an older version of Photoshop lying around which should handle this fine I think.

That second tutorial looks ideal - thanks for your help!

Assuming you have photoshop…

This tutorial on turning a photo into a pencil sketch might help some.

Also, this one might help if you don’t want to have quite as much graininess/sketchiness.

Just play around with the settings in each tutorial to see if you can get it to display like you want.

Good luck.