How to structure a worldwide travel directory? Ahhhhhh


I have been trying to figure this out for a few days now and looked at lots of examples but can’t find anything similar to get ideas from.

I have a forum / site for international travel and chat and I am working on adding a directory, the problem is I don’t know how to structure the categories.

Because it is worldwide, I can’t go too specific.

For example should I start with continents then go down to main countries and then do categories for hotels, travel agents etc.
Or simply start with countries and do the categories…

Or…I really don’t know…

I can’t add all countries because it is simply too wide an area to add a category for each.

Hopefully someone has a more structured mind than me :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help!

Why don’t you test people and figure out what they would be easier to use for them?

I suspect that Country - city - services would be the way to go but the best thing to do is to put it to the test. Whatever is easier to use, that would be the way to go

What version of phpLD are you using?
I know there are some state category dumps out there that might help to get you started.
But yes if it is world wide…I would concentrate more on the what it is then the where it is. So hotel category, ticket category and then make it mandatory that the listing put their address in.