How to stretch a DIV to full width of browser?

I want a div to be stretched fully to 100% width of a browser. I made the width to 100% but still there is some blank space is there. Here i have attached the link to image… i want the image to be fully stretched. Let me know how to do this…

Your image doesn’t seem attached, but is it possible that a default body margin is affecting the full width?

It could be the default body margin or you might be putting in a div that you set a width to already. Check those both out then post back.

I think just setting the body margin to 0 should do it:

margin: 0;

.div {
width: 100%;

But as you mentioned, did not work. Make sure the Div is outside of any containers (ie, a page container with a width of say 800px).

In addition, try to set the margin:auto; and the width:100% to see if that fixes it.