How to stop these divs from overlapping

hey guys,

just wondering if you can help me debug my header banner, the header div is too wide

Trying to get it to line up with divs below…

Yes, it’s a tad late to be asking this now—much better earlier in the process. Anyhow, probably the best approach now is to reduce the width here to 940px:

.container {
position: relative;
width: [COLOR="#FF0000"]940[/COLOR]px;
margin: 0 auto;
padding: 0;

Then remove the margins on the inner divs and perhaps put padding on the container instead. That fixes it up for me.

Hi Ralph,

Think I found a better way.

Created a second wrapper2 div with the following style properties:

#wrapper2 {
		background: #FFF;
		width: 940px;

Seems to be working :slight_smile: just have to adjust for Smaller than standard 1029 (devices and browsers) and mobiles

Ok that way screwed my mobile layout :frowning:

Have a look now, almost there, trying to fill the second eight div but not having much luck :frowning:

What’s the “second eight div”?

sorry meant the

<div id="eight columns"> 

embed inside the wrapper/header divs