How to stop the GMSG from displaying?

Hello, and a question:

if I have the line: <?=GMSG_SELECT;?></a>]</td> then only the word “Select” is displayed on the web page.

but if I have the line: <?=GMSG_SELECT_MAIN_CATEGORY;?></a>]</td> then all the words “GMSG_SELECT_MAIN_CATEGORY” is displayed on the web

how to stop the GMSG from displaying?

Probably because it’s an undefined constant so you’re just outputting raw text. Read up on this. Then check your code to make sure you’re actually defining these things in php.

That’s not much info for us to go on unfortunately, if you can provide some insight on what you’re trying to get this script to do that you need php in the links at all it might help.

Hello Belsnickle, I appreciate your reply :slight_smile:

ok here is more script, the original has SELECT, and this word shows on the web page, triggering a pop up window,

but I added the MAIN_CATEGORY to make it SELECT_MAIN_CATEGORY to give the webpage viewer more details.

now with just one word SELECT only one word shows on the page, GMSG is not visible, yet when I make it 3 words long SELECT_MAIN_CATEGORY the GMSG decides to join in and become visible.

how to exclude GMSG ?

<tr class=“c1”>
<td width=“150” align=“right”></td>
<td class=“contentfont” colspan=“2”><span id=“main_category_display”><?=$main_category_display;?></span>
[<a href=“javascript:;” onClick=“openPopup(‘<?=SITE_PATH;?>category_selector.php?cat=category_id&category_id=<?=$item_details[‘category_id’];?>&auction_id=<?=$item_details[‘auction_id’];?>&form_name=ad_create_form’)”>