How to stop link opening in a new window

When I click on a thumbnail the larger image appears in a new page. How do I stop it from doing that and making it open in the same page in a specified position.
At the moment I can hover over a thumbnail and make the larger image appear nearby, but I’m stuck when it comes to clicking on a thumbnail.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Are you talking about your own website, or a problem that happens in general when you’re looking at other people’s websites?

Look check to see if your anchor tags’ (links) target attributes are set to target=“_blank”, make sure it’s NOT. hope that helps.

This is happening in my own website, due to my lack of understanding of HTML, CSS etc.


I have checked that. No change no matter what it is set to or if it is omitted.

We can rule out CSS because that won’t be the culprit - it sounds like Javascript is more likely to be the problem. Give us a link to the site and we’ll see if we can pinpoint where it is.

I am still building my website so I cannot give you a link to it. I could copy a page from it if that would be of any use.

It sounds like you just need to install a script for doing that. There are plenty of nice ones, like See if that does what you want.

If you want to keep the hover effect too, you might need some kind of custom script. There will also be some way to do this with CSS, but it’s not going to work in all browsers.


Thank you for telling me about that. It looks interesting. I shall investigate.