How to stop heating in Android phones?

I am facing heating issue in android Anyone have any tips or guide to stop this issue.
How to stop heating in Android phones?

As this is a web development forum, it may well be outside the scope of the issues that are dealt with here.


There can be many reasons. First you can try restarting your smartphone

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After that,

I recommend fully powering off your phone. That will stop the heating issue.
You can then turn it on again for the brief moments when you want to use it.

On a more serious nature, there is just no saving some phones.
With other phones you can turn off things that continuously use the battery, such as bluetooth and wifi.

Those are only partial solutions though. Software solutions can only be minimally effective.

The best solution I’ve found is to spend your money on a decent phone that doesn’t have that problem in the first place.

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Turn off Background data usage in android setting, and restart the phone.

on some phones it appears you can limit cpu speed I would imagine that would certainly reduce your heating problem but with obvious performance disadvantages.

If you have it in a case that also will reduce cooling so you may want to remove it

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