How to start my own coupon code site?

Hey ! I want to start my own coupon code website. The site that would contain coupons for all types of categories. I know there are a number coupon code affiliates available online but i a unable to find any. Can anyone here suggest me any please?

There are thousands of merchants who offer coupons out there through a combination of dozens of major affiliate networks and hundreds more private ones. CJ, Pepperjam, Linkshare, Google are among the top names.

However before you jump head in I suggest you really think about this. Coupon sites are not new and not basic… this is a mature market with defined leaders who have huge volume from sophisticated marketing that allows them to secure far better terms than you will get through generic network offers, who work directly with partners, who know the major seasonal drivers and who are looking to keep their business growing too.

You need differentiators. Something that makes your site in a class above these sites or to the side of it… I believe just about any market can be disrupted with the right vision but if you’re not even able to find the affiliate players I’d suggest you seriously think about what you expect to accomplish and if the answer is anything more than a small site that makes a few bucks, you’ll need to really dig to innovate.

I agree with Ted in every respect. You can certainly make a strong go of it, but you’re going to need some innovation. Creating the next Groupon just isn’t going to happen. To illustrate this point, I have a client that sells the coupon concept and does very well. They came to me to create the software that can be re-sold. Their angle is to approach radio stations and newspapers and license custom coupon software for them to use. The radio stations and newspapers have a natural marketing foothold and can easily move the product. There are a few more aspects of the process that make them different, but that’s the concept in the nutshell.

This is just one example of a different way to approach this concept. Get creative and you might find an angle that hasn’t been pursued yet or has significant room for improvement. That’s where you’ll find a successful business in the coupon industry.

Your business will suceed if you provide something unique. Let it be uncommon services or design. Think about the totaly different concept. Instead of developing a website you can start with mobile application and cover the market of coupon code mobile sites.