How to start google adwords which site is best to do adwords?

i am seo beginner i am interested to do google ad words which type of website is best for to do google adwords to get more income ? anyone suggest me i am waiting for your reply

Google Adwords isn’t really part of SEO (splitting hairs) - it’s more SEM (search engine marketing). I’d suggest you try searching/reading through the appropriate forums/threads:

It is good thing that you are SEO expert and interested to do google ad words. If you want some tips then that is here:

But if you are talking abut earning then it is possible through Google Adsense. If discussing about ROI then any website may be right choice.

I think you mean making money from adsense not adwords. Just buy some hosting and set up wrodpress blog and some websites. Make sure to do keyword reasearch and get domain names that are related to the topic. Do not get a free hosted site or blogger blogspot for adsense sites. Blogger has taken down alot of sites and all your work will be for nothing.

The best way to get into Adwords is to soak up the Adwords documentation and guides. Then, jump right in! The big hosting companies have promo codes for their customers. Check to see if you have one available. You can start small and learn quickly with a “hands on” approach.