How to start Blogging

Can some body suggest me on this well i read a lot of blogs equiped with very good information on Technology,Internet,Online Learning,News etc
so i started thinking about starting a blog of mine
where should i start with?


You can use, for creating blogs. In you can login with your gmail account. Both sites are best for starting your new blog. But i would like to suggest to create blog in because you can place google adsense in your blog. It is help to earn money from your own blog.

Austin Parkar

Ok Sir,
Thanks for the information and the reply.
i will surely use these.I don’t have much idea about adsence please suggest me on that too"i have one of my demo site “reminderassistant” I will be adding more features to it"
suggest me how to use Google Adsence?

Check this link it will help you

You should never forget about the Url you choose. It needs to be user friendly and related to your content, and remember the more quality content you post the more visitors and readers you will have.

I’d say the most important part is to think about a topic that you want to cover and work hard on creating quality content. Focus on a good content strategy instead of the technical aspects.

I just had a quick look at the link that suggested and it seems to cover technical aspects pretty well so you can use that as a guide and ask for help here as you go.

Best of luck!

Its really interesting. you can share all your personal experience with this society. First you need to start with your self intro and about the society which around you.

Blogging is the simple task…
start blogging om wordpress,blogspot,hubpages,blogsarena.

Use wordpress because it so easy to set it up. After you create your blog create good content to your blog.

Blogging for fun or blogging for money?
Wordpress does not usually allow monetizing. So if you are really serious about blogging for money, better get your own domain. You may try out on blogspot first, but the template is not as good as those in wordpress

WordPress is my choice for blogging, It’s easy to setup and the community of user made tutorials, themes and plugins is huge for customizing your blog for your likings.


just go to and sign up for a blog name. it is easy and anyone can do it.

It depends if you are wanting to just do it for the heck of it or are you trying to make money from it.

Wordpress is the best there is, in my humble opinion. They have a quick 5-minute setup (which actually takes more like 15 minutes, but it’s still quick) and it’s easy to moderate. It’s popular, so there are plenty of great themes for it, and it’s easily incorporated into your site via i-frames (that’s how I did mine).

In my opinion wordpress is best option available for a newbie

For tips on blogging try Problogger. You’ll find tonnes of resources there to help you with starting, managing and improving your blog. It’s a fantastic resource.