How to start a private CDN for HTTP caching aka static content

Hey guys,

I have seen CDNs poping out nowadays. This kind of remind of the days when 512MB RAM was good enough to run programs using WinXP but now 6GB RAM is really trying so hard.

Anyways i am not saying CDN is any hype. In fact i understand its advantages, but here is what i am thinking.

I will like to start a CDN for personal use. Just like Facebook have their own CDN, and other businesses, large websites or network of blogs have theirs.

I will like to know how to start one. Any links or URL with “detailed” tutorial or guides to help understand the complexities tied to it.
I know i will need servers across different locations in the world, but what i want is how to run a CDN.
Alright now i know you know what i am asking


At its most basic level, a CDN can be as simple as a mirror of a sites content to other servers (or, the assets for a site, images, css etc).

Anything more complicated and I’d say you need to be looking into caching setups, squid maybe?

There is no true right or wrong way to run a CDN, certainly there are less optimal ways.

DNS round robins vs DNS geolocation?

Start with something simple and a way to send clients to a host based on their location?

Have a look at

If i start with that i will be loosing visitors so quick that i may eventually shut down…I just want to do it right and continue from there :slight_smile:

Don’t run before you can walk etc… While yes, I may have gone very basic, you will need to develop the tools and systems to allow you to do that which then allows you to progress further anyway.

Well that doesn’t always apply to every situation and please don’t get addicted to that principle…reality is the best experience.

You can follow that principle and find yourself to blame and 37signals will not even be there to tell you sorry