How to stable my website keywords pagerank

Hi, i have a casino website which has more then 5 keywords which is on Google 1st page position, now i wants to stables these keywords page rank.please let me know by giving your ideas…

If you have #1 position for all of your keywords you have nothing to worry about then.

Thanks for your suggestions but i want toknow how much work i will do (dir submission, bookmarking, articles) to stables these keywords…

Yup … you are in #1 position then what to worry… only just do regular work for your website because it’s very important for you to how to boost your traffic

Just don’t stop doin your optimization and your rank will be stable

i agree with all of opinions. I have experience with this. I have in no.2 in google search. And then i want to be no.1, so i change a little bit about my site.

And then, my site dropped from page 1 google search result.

Thanks for your answers…can you please elaborate widely what changes you have done to dropped from page first goggle search result.

Hello friends,

Stable your key word in google ranking, follow this way regularly…

Minimum daily work…

  1. Directory submission - 250.
  2. Forum on daily other site - 50.
  3. Article - 20.
  4. Blogs - 20.
  5. Social bookmarking.

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