How to solve integration problems?

Please tell me how to solve integration problems.Suggest me new methods ,essy methods.

Integration with what? What needs to be integrated with what?

I can’t help if I don’t have enough information :slight_smile:

[FONT=Georgia]I’m guessing it’s calculus.

I failed calculus (we called it ‘Ad Math’) so badly![/FONT]

If (s)he’s talking about calculus, integration is a matter of practice and learning the appropiate formulas… So exercises, exercises, exercises…

Molona its about calculas, please help!!

Hi Elly555,welcome to the forums,

You do realize that the SitePoint forums are web development forums?

Some aspects of web development do involve mathematics in some way. And some might even use calculus I suppose, though I’m doubtful.
And some members might even be quite knowledgeable about calculus.

But TBH, IMHO this is not the forum to be asking about calculus, unless of course it does have something to do with web development in which case I’d be most interested in hearing the details.

What language were you wanting to use to solve integration problem?

If you want to solve definite integrals there is scipy and sympy. Check out and if you are using python language.

Thank you all.