How to solve imported issue into database?

The field ‘Address 2 - Type’ is set as NOT NULL and does not have a default value.
Field ‘Address 2 - Formatted’ doesn’t have a default value

Which preferences should be set to solve imported issue?
Need help.

It’s a bit difficult to tell with so little information (such as your database table layout and a sample of the data you’re trying to import into it), but a thought:

This states that the column must contain something (it’s not allowed to be null), and you’re trying to import a blank field into it. Because you don’t have a default value, your database engine (whichever it is) is rejecting the row.

Either set a default value, or allow the column to contain null.

Please find the following settings:
Null is Yes Default is NULL
Which settings should be to import without an issue?

The error message suggests that Null is No. If it’s actually yes, I don’t know what the issue is. Can you do a SHOW CREATE TABLE tablename and post the results?

make sure every column is nullable (i.e. do ~not~ specify NOT NULL)

whether you specify a default value is up to you

It is working now.
NULL is Yes
Default is NULL
Thank you for the message.

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