How to show tables correct in firefox

Hi, I have a website, where i want to show diffrent tables depending on their class.

When you load the page it looks fine, but after you use the navigation menu, they look like crap in firefox.

So my quastion is how do I make the table look like it does in Explorer(meaning that the two rows are displayed above each other all the time independently of when you click on the buttons in the navigation)

So long story short, how do I make the table look like in internet explorer in firefox?

Here’s the site

Thanks for the tips guys, i solved it, it was so simple that i didn’t think about it really.

Instead of showing the rows as ‘block’ i simply showed them as ‘’ in the hideDisplay() function. :slight_smile:

for starters, you should aim to code valid html. There are a couple of very obvious errors in it.

Start over and get it looking the way you want in Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera and then adjust as appropriate so it also works in IE.

Trying to hack the garbage that works in IE to also work in standard browsers is not worth the effort.