How to setup GoDaddy email accounts


I just purchased a new hosting Economy 2yr Lunix hosting plan which I believe says I get 100 email accounts. When I logged into my domain, and set it up. It doesn’t allow me to setup email accounts unless I purchase a email plan?

Are there any godaddy subscribers out there who can explain this to me? Do I have to purchase a plan, or did my hosting package already inlcluding it? I did see something that says email credits available, but it doesn’t make sense.


Just tried it myself now (had no need for email for my site there). Indeed it seems that with the hosting you get a “free credit” for an email account, and with that credit you purchase/activate your email account.

The email account has 100MB, and you can set 100 email addresses.

I have had the economy plan and you should be able to create emails. The godaddy control panel is a bit confusing. Go to my products and there you can go to set up email and select your specific domain. Also, you can just call tech support. They are pretty good with assistance

I believe that should be availible from the control panel. What kind of the control panel are you using I wonder?

if it is so difficult to get what you have ordered why don’t get the support involved into this to solve the problem?

What kind of the control panel are you using I wonder?

Godaddy uses a heavily customized Plesk control panel. It seems though that they chose to turn email hosting and its control into a separated service. Another opportunity for them to upsell I suppose.

I keep one of my sites on the godaddy hosting just for an extra ip address to use with my site network. I have always been amazed at the quality of there admin section for a company of their grandeur. I mean for one of the biggest out there, they sure do have an archaic back end, it seems.

Why don’t you contact GoDaddy support? OR they aren’t helping you?