How to set up Google Analytics?

What is the step by step process to create Google Analytics account for my new site?

Hope you will get some benefit from the under given step by step process to create Google analytics for your website.

Start by going to Google Analytics and either signing up for a new account or signing in to your Google account.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll see an overview page which won’t be very exciting since you don’t have any collected data as of yet.

Now Click on the “+ Add new profile” link and you’ll be able to specify the URL of your site:

Remember that unlike many other services, Google Analytics is not real time, so if you reload a page, don’t expect to instantly see that traffic reflected in your reports. Generally I find that analytics is about 12 hours behind.

There are step by step instructions on the site. If you tell us which part you’re struggling with, maybe we can help.

How come the sites in your sig all have Google Analytics accounts if you don’t know how to create them?