How to set print button?

Hi all,
I want to print the current page, by clicking the print button explicitly(means javascript button to open print dialog) but not include the print page as the buttons and all…

Can i set the width and height to print the current page…

Thanking you…

Use media types in your styles, so you can control the way elements on the page will be rendered in each media type.

For example:
If you use the following code:

  @media print {
    p.a {display: none;}

elements with the tag name ‘p’ and class ‘a’, will not be sent to the printer.

Define ‘display: none;’ inside ‘@media print’ for each element you don’t want to be sent to the printer.

I don’t think you can what you are asking, if I am reading your question correctly. You can use JavaScript to emulate somebody clicking File -> Print. You cannot recode the way in which the print dialog/window looks. You can use methods like Amit suggested with CSS to print the page a certain way.