How to set dedicated/static IP for a site in WHM, and access it with an ip directly

I want to set dedicated/static IP for a site in WHM, lets say here is the ip lists : (Main shared IP, ( -> i want choose this as the dedicated/static IP

i already go to whm > Account Functions > Change Site’s IP Address > choose the domain > and choose ip

so what next?

i try opening in browser’s address bar but its still say :
Default Web site page cpanel
If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner

the ip should be redirected to the site directly, what part do i miss?

Nb. My host already set reverse dns too like this before, so i choose for the static/dedicated ip for above, no problem with the reverse dns right?

You stated in your other post that was set as Main Shared IP. Seems you have changed the shared IP now so you can try rebuilding httpd.conf by running following from SSH as root user:


and then restarting Apache as:

/scripts/restartsrvt httpd

I used WHM to move a client from a shared IP to a dedicated with exactly the same process you’ve described. No problems at all (but I’m sure it took a few hours - rather than the 3 days that they claim - for the DNS to propagate). Don’t hold your breath but go try it again as I’m sure it’ll bring up your site now.