How to set cron job in linux using putty

How to set a php page on cron job in linux using putty software? Please help me if any ideas?



Try to search in the google or whatever your favorite search engine man. I think if you go through something googling then you will definitely find something more. Lol!

I found this for you now.

- connect to your server via SSH using putty

 - Type; crontab -e

 - Enter your cron job for example;

         0 0 * * * /yourhome/user/htdocs/periodic/cmd.php
         */10 * * * * /yourhome/user/htdocs/periodic/notifies.php

 - Press Enter

 - Press Esc

 - Type; :wq

 - Press Enter 

Also you should be able to handle some more UNIX/LINUX commands properly otherwise be carefull about the server’s other unnecessary changes.

Here is a quick reference to unix style cron jobs.