How to sell video of few GB size?


what is the best way to sell a video of few GB size?

  • post it on youtube in chunks and send link after payment?
  • store it on megaupload or similar and send links after payment?

other ideas?


Put it on your own server, as a single file, that the user can download or stream. Why would making them use and navigate other websites be a superior experience?

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@mirzahat: Dan is correct. How do you download something really big, like an OS? just from a sigle file on the server. You may have a problem if you have limit of bandwidth.

Another solution could be using megaupload or some other file server service (premium account, else you will be limited in the amount of MB) or using a cloud file server service (which you also will have to pay for)

Hello Mirza,

You could look in to using a hosted shopping cart store add-in on your website which manages the secure storage and automatic delivering of the digital download file(s) in the order after the successfully completed purchase by your shopper.

This type of hosted shopping cart store add-in takes the digital download process off your hands to give you an easier solution compared to managing it yourself.

I think it is better to store files in some content delivery network.

Use a membership system.

You can use a cart with a built in system
or use a membership system along with a cart
they integrate with already.