How to select each last post by user from a table

I have a table where designer post to and I want to display the last post by each of the designers…below is the SQL query I try but do not work…it show all post by each designer/user…I just want to display the last post by each designers…

FROM shoes
WHERE shoe_id in (
    select max(m2.shoe_id) from shoes m2 group by m2.shoe_id)
ORDER BY added_date_time DESC

Thanks in advance

You should not group by shoe_id, rather by something that identifies each designer.

@swampBoogie thanks for your response… I have a table for the designers called " designers " with unique username column called " user_name " kindly help me combined the two tables " shoes " and “designers” for the result…to display last post by each designers… thanks…

You need to provide descriptions for the shoes and designer tables.

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