How to secure your e-book PDF?

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I’m planning to write an e-book and sell it online… However I’m worried about the site scraping and content stealing things.

Please advise on how to secure the PDF file of my e-book.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

You can try e-junkie, it will cost you a bit but your PDF will be safe

Mirko, Thanks for your tips :slight_smile: - What I needed more is how to secure the PDF with some sort of key / license that only the purchaser can read it. Any ideas?

Contact the people at They have the tools to do what you need.


Thanks for the tips - I am looking into it, and perhaps it could fit my case :slight_smile:

Those websites are good.
ALso, placing disclaimers at the end of the ebooks may help.

This is very helpful to me also, thanks.

  • Jessie.

@selfhelpebooks - You mean, something like “unauthorised copy of this e-book is prohibited and doing so will be prosecuted by the federal law”?

Oh, I just meant that I found all the info. good; it will be awhile for I write my e-book. I am just starting to make a few notes on how to go-about it.


you could use PDF security to password protect your PDF and then sell it on a site like E-junkie. PDFs allow for all sorts of security. Here’s a few articles I found online about protecting PDFs:

and I found an FAQ page from Adobe here:

Hope that helps!

I know E-junkie can send digital media as well as generated or stored codes.

I do work with them so if you have any specific questions I’d be happy to answer them. :smiley:



Thanks for the great info! - I’ll direct my questions about e-junkie to you, then!

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You can try to put password in your pdf or zip it with winrar and put password in it. Or else you can try to protect your download page using password. So ppl who want to download the ebook you are selling need to enter the password given by you before they can download the ebook. Hope this will help.


Thanks for the tips!

A bit OOT - Is it possible for me to apply a script to my PDF file that if someone removed my resource box and tried to scrape my eBook will render the PDF file useless?

Quite interested in this - did you find an answer in the end ?

For E-junkie’s merchants selling e-books in PDF format, we have been working on a couple of ways to protect their PDFs from distribution.

E-junkie has introduced the PDF stamping feature, basically, we can now stamp the buyer’s name, e-mail and the transaction ID on the top-left of each page of the PDF before the download. Unlike DRM, this is a simple, non-intrusive way to discourage buyers from sharing their PDFs.

This feature is still in beta testing, however people could still use it. Let me know if you have any questions about the feature.

I think you can try out I somehow they can come up with the perfect solution for your problem. :slight_smile:

A password protected ebook is encrypted so that it would be just about impossible to extract the content (since you can also turn off the ability to select the content or print it at the same time).

One protection method I recently came across was an ebook that looked like it used JavaScript to test where it was being read from so as to only be readable from the site where it was located. Downloading it replaced all the content with a message that it is only readable from the site. I wasn’t able to confirm how that was implemented as the document was encrypted but JavaScript would have been the easiest way to achieve that effect.