How to search forums using Google?

I want to search forums relevant to my site’s content to post articles promotion.
Have any software or website do this? Or how to use google do this?

Thanks in advanced
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You can’t filter the Google results to only include forums. That being said, why do you want forums so you can post your articles?

Something like this?,qdr:d&ei=-suyS4zCKIruswOR4vXNAw&sa=X&oi=tool&resnum=4&ct=tlink&ved=0CB4QpwU

I have notice on some sites that, when I post i have seen posting on other sites

You can try to search for lists with forums arranged by topics, might help you finding what you search.

@dvduval: thank u, it help for me
I found one way to do this:
keyword +“powered by vbulletin”
keyword +“powered by phpbb”
keyword +“powered by ipb”

Please suggest more…