How to save form values during postback

I’m writing a ‘TODO’ list.

I need to preserve the checked state of each checkbox for all rows in a table along with the css text-decoration state of the next td’s text in each row, (which has a strike-through when the checkbox in the same row is checked)
How would I save this state so that my form values are not lost during postback/page refresh ?

My rendered html is a table and each checkbox id follows this pattern:-
id=“MainContent_gvTODOList_chkTaskComplete_0” … _1 …_2 for each row (since I’m using an asp:GridView in a content page)
Conceptually, I know that there is a way in jQuery to select a server control client id where the id also specifies an index like this, but can’t for the life of me figure out how it is done.

I am also aware of HTML 5 global storage which along with JSON and an array could be used to preserve the state during postback. Any pointers in that line of enquiry would be appreciated.

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