How to run the html files in local?

How to run the html files in local and give me the sample path(url)?

Hi. Welcome to the Sitepoint forums. Do you mean that you want to test your site locally?

Yes i want to run locally can you send the sample url

To ‘run’ html files locally, all you have to do is open them with your browser

Just like guido2004 said run them locally and use relative paths. So instead of the entire link you use contact.html

If the files are in c:\documents\website\ then you need need to point your browser to file://localhost/c:/documents/website/. Remember that any spaces in folder and file names will need to be replaced with %20.

Alternatively, open up Windows Explorer, find the folder where you have the files saved and double-click on the file you want.

(Actually, most browsers will let you type in the format c:\documents\website\ and will automatically convert it to the right URL themselves)

For Html files, you simple need to click on them. Did you try that?

For other coding platforms like Php, you have to set up their servers.