How To Run A Twitter Campaign

Hi i have started social media promotion for my website which i have an doubt regarding Twitter Campaign as seen some of the post regarding yet not cleared with the statement as anyone tried it before and what’s your experience on it.Do i can start Twitter Campaign or not please do suggest me to proceed on it


For well marketing your service or product at internet, than you must try Twitter campaign for your product and services. Many people Re-tweet your tweet and other Favorites our Re-tweet. So, your brand name spread at internet. so, it is very useful.

Thanks Vishal i guess twitter campaign works better for my business

First af all create an official account of your brand. Fill it with content. Then create several indi accounts and try to imitate sort of activity in main Twitter.
After that install some software like Tweedium Inviter and invite people from your competitors accounts. 100 at once and not more than 200 a day. Try to keep within 2:1 (following / followers) proportion.
Do it every day.

Hey Renet thanks for the suggestion but can you elaborate little about indi accounts which i’m aware of it

what he going to say is create more dummy A/C on twitter for Re-Twits and promotions by your self only …

Thanks Jack got the message will check it out with twitter :slight_smile:

I can suggest you to have some followers first. You can buy 5,000 followers for few bucks on <snip>

It is useful for “social proof” : real people see that you have many “followers” so they think you must provide good information and stuff, and they are more inclined to follow you as well or subscribe to your list for example.

One of the most popular social media today is Twitter, that if it is used correctly, it can help you to drive traffic to your website. This type of social media allows you to communicate & interact with others and learn what is happening all over the world. Therefore, your marketing strategy must have an interaction and conversation with other Twitter users. Be responsive and try to help by answering their questions.