How to run a script which was recently added to <head> tag?

I have added a script containing the link to a JavaScript file hosted on GitHub, to the <head> tag of a document:

var imported = document.createElement('script');
imported.src = 'GITHUB_FILE.js';

How could I actually run/execute that recently added script so that the GitHub JS file would be “included” in that script (similar to a PHP include)?

Why are we using Javascript to add a static file?

Hi @bendqh1, a script added this way should actually run… if you need access to global variables added by that script, you might add a load listener like so:

const script = document.createElement('script')

script.addEventListener('load', () => {

script.src = 'script.js'

That static file should be called into about three different user script managers (each one in another browser type: Tampermonkey for Chrome, Greasemonkey for Firefox and Violentmonkey for Edge);
I desire to call it with JavaScript just to maintain only one version (i.e. the one in GitHub) instead three different versions (i.e. one in each user script manager).

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