How to run a .js file?

I want to run a .js file from this link. I used website, but I can’t see the output.
Any idea?


Well a Localization file is just going to be a bunch of strings, there wont be any output directly.

Thank you so much for your reply.
I don’t know JavaScript and I have two questions:
1- How can I print each Original text: '{key}: {value}'?
2- How can I set the whole file RTL (Right-to-left)? Which one is OK and where should it be placed in the file? = "rtl";
document.body.setAttribute('dir', 'rtl')

I used = "rtl"; at the beginning of the file and it is OK.
When I use console.log(statusConnecting), then it showed me Expected "}" but found "." error. How to solve it?


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