How to rewrite Url of joomal website?


how i can rewrite urls of joomla websites, i have so many trouble to make search engine friendly url for seo so i can get good ranking but i have trouble to do this, please help me.


Modifying the mod_rewrite of a CMS is dangerous as you also need to modify the link creation module and the “fetch from the database” module. These days, CMSs have that sort of mod built-in so I’d recommend that you look around your Joomla control panel before attempting any modification of Joomla’s mod_rewrite code.



can you please explain me more about steps how to do?


I don’t use Joomla so I’d have to advise you to either look at the control panel that they, no doubt, provide for your use OR go to Joomla’s forum.

If I were to do it, I’d look at the index.php’s code to determine which module is called to generate the links and which module handles the incoming request (to see how {THE_REQUEST} is parsed). Finding them will not be a trivial exercise nor would making the conversion to “SEO friendly” URIs. In other words, use their control panel as that’s the safest way to go and doesn’t entail ripping the code apart.

For the website, I create the links myself by pulling the article titles from the DB and replacing spaces with _'s to generate the links. When receiving a request, the handler script converts the URI by replacing _'s with spaces before accessing the record from the DB. Please note that only letters, digits and a few punctuation characters are acceptable in a URI ( so you must take great care to limit the titles to acceptable characters.