How to retrieve flash radio stream url

hey everybody,

What a wonderful and diverse community you have gathered here. You seem to have covered everything that a geek might be interested in.

I have a problem that I have trouble finding a solution for. I wanted to retrieve, trace or somehow find the exact URL for this streaming radio station ( I mean as far as I can tell, its powered by winamp player and put in some kind of a flash container.
No matter what I tried myself, …I couldn’t find the exact URL.
The reason that I want the exact URL for it is that I have firefox as a browser and its such a memory-hog, with all the plugins I have installed. So I don’t want to leave my FF browser on just to listen to the radio.
And with the exact URL, I could alternatively listen to this particular station through winamp player or some other player.

If anyone could be so kind as to point me at the right direction. I am not only interested in the URL, if u could also explain how YOU retrieved the URL, it would mean a lot to me.

Thank you all in advance very MUCH (even if you don’t know the answer :slight_smile: )

There are many online radio stations available that you can stream using your player. In flash the url can be embedded anywhere from within Flash to even xml or webservice, so it will be hard to detect in this case.