How to Restore Blog?


Recently blogspot remove my 2 years old blog for spam report, But blog is not a spam one.
Can anyone tell me how do i restore my blog.
In dashboad “restore” option showing, I click many time but blogspot have not any response.
Please guide me if anyone can.

Thanks in Advanced

you can submit a reinclusion request just like on website getting kicked out on results and indexing

I do not have any idea about the contacts of Blogger. I only knew their email address where you can send your complaints and comments. :mad:

is there a contact phone number where you can talk to a human?

Any update about this? If still not working, try to delete that blog and create a new one.

contact blogger and point them their mistake… your blog might be restored in 48 hours.

How to contact blogger?

Here ->

I think you are going to need to contact them.

Once you have tried the Restore option from your dashbaord, wait for a reply from blogger team. If you did not get anything, try to contact them

How did they come up with the conclusion that it was a spam site?

Some one should have reported as a spam or search engine by mistake should have counted as spam…