How to resize SVG image?

How do we resize an SVG image?

Hold on, let me…


…that for you. :wink:


I found tutorials that explain how to resize SVG using CSS or HTML and the tutorial from CSS-Tricks seems to be a bit complex.

I use Boxy SVG editor to edit SVG images and it’s not easy to resize and image to 1500x500

Am wondering if there is a simpler way to resize.

All methods are complex until you master them. :wonky:

So practise, practise, practise then practise some more. :winky:

Before you know it, the job that once seemed to be almost
insurmountable has now become just another routine task. :sunglasses:

You may even experience a self satisfactory warm inner glow .


Try enclosing the Svg inside a Div and the Svg will fill the container if the correct parameters are selected

From memory width and height should not be passed in the Svg statement.

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