How to replace comma separate by and when push data?

How to replace comma separate by and when push data ?

I work on angular 7 i need to replace comma separated , when push data

let textdata=$[$].text;  
   let statusdata:any = this.FilterBinddata.filter(s=>s.reportSource==textdata)[0].reportSource2;  
 this.collectfulldata= statusdata + "=" + "'" + textdata + "'";  
   console.log("full data is " + this.initcollectdropdowslist)

current result
full data is Text6='Lifecycle',Text6='Package',Text6='Parametric'
Expected result

full data is Text6='Lifecycle'and Text6='Package' and Text6='Parametric'

console.log("full data is " + this.initcollectdropdowslist.join(" and "));

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