How to renew domain if seller dissappeared?


I have a 1.5 years-old domain name, which got PR2. I registered it through a quite unknown registrar,… the domain expires in a few months, I want to renew it, but I have no idea how.

I strongly believe they were reselling domains from somewhere else, so maybe if I can contact the registrar they used I can pay to renew the domain (since disappeared in 2010, but my domain still works).

How can I know what registrar is my domain name currently using? My domain name is

Thanks a lot. I know I can wait for it to expire and buy it again a day after, but I don’t want to lose the PR.

You just look for another registrary company and do a transfer from the “old” to the new registrary company. That is all.

Read here the procedure:

Hope this helps.

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It doesn’t really help me because my domain isn’t a .eu, it’s a .info, and my old registrar is already dead, and impossible to find online.

The solution is the same, select another registrar, I use, and do a transfer.
You can also ask the new selected registrar for information regarding your problem.

You can check if you are the registrant of your domain here:

If you are the registrant, there should be no problem to transfer to another registrar company.

Ok, I’m gonna try it out… thanks! :slight_smile:

If you want to transfer it to another registrar without having to call and talk to someone, you will need the auth code more than likely - which your old registrar would have created for you. There is some information on the auto code and transferring protocols here. Now if they are truly out of business, you may have to resort to contacting the actual registry (Afilias in this case for the info TLD). By ICANN mandate the registry has to support a transfer mechanism for domain holders who have registrars that go defunct - so if you cannot obtain the auth code - your next step may be to contact these guys ( to get it so you can transfer to another registrar. I can highly recommend [URL=“”] as a registrar.

That’s right. You won’t be able to transfer the domain without the EPP key. I see the whois lists:
Sponsoring Registrar:Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

If you are unable to get the epp key, your only option is to contact Directi