How to remove this from google SERP


Can anyone pls help in this issue, my site pages in google serp comes in instead of

I am working in asp and aspx dot net platform, can u please tell where to make changes in oder resolve the above issue…


Probably the best solution would be to add a 301 redirect so that all the search engines can use your prefered version of the address.

Thanks for your reply sir,

but can u please tell me how to do it ??? I am new to this things, please tell which files i have to change or add (i am on a asp based server),

Thnaks a lot in advance…

Yes you can use the 301 redirect to do so. It will direct all the info of your site to the new location.

I am asking how to do it…???

Can anyone please explain me what to do…?

What I would do is this:-

a) Register your site with Google Webmaster tools (GWT)
b) Specify which version of the webiste you want listed in GWT
c) Wait for it to happen!

Not sure myself how to do a 301 redirect, so you may need to do that as well.

Change your sitemap to http://www and also redirect all non-www traffic to www traffic, most content management systems, such as wordpress will allow you to do this quite easily, but if you are not using a CMS, look into htacass redirects. :slight_smile: