How to remove the gallery shortcode?

Your warmHome_cutstr function causes in the inline stylesheet of the gallery to be displayed. See gallery-post.jpg.[][1] To solve this, you need to hook into the_content and remove the gallery shortcode. In functions.php:

add_filter( 'the_content', 'warmHome_content_filter' );
function warmHome_content_filter( $text )  {
    $text = strip_shortcodes( $text );
    return $text;

the following is my warmHome_cutstr function. how to correct it. i have added the above function. but don’t know how to remove the gallery shortcode.

function warmHome_cutstr($string, $length) {
             $string =strip_tags($string);
         $strcut= '';
         if(strlen($string) > $length) {
        preg_match_all("/[\\x01-\\x7f]|[\\xc2-\\xdf][\\x80-\\xbf]|\\xe0[\\xa0-\\xbf][\\x80-\\xbf]|[\\xe1-\\xef][\\x80-\\xbf][\\x80-\\xbf]|\\xf0[\\x90-\\xbf][\\x80-\\xbf][\\x80-\\xbf]|[\\xf1-\\xf7][\\x80-\\xbf][\\x80-\\xbf][\\x80-\\xbf]/", $string, $info);
         $j = 0;
        for($i=0; $i<count($info[0]); $i++) {

                $strcut .= $info[0][$i];

                $j = ord($info[0][$i]) > 127 ? $j + 2 : $j + 1;
                if ($j > $length - 3) {
                        return $strcut." ...";
        return join('', $info[0]);
                 } else {
                          return $string;

The code he/she gaves you removes the shortcode. You don’t have to change your function, you just have to do what he/she said.

i did what he/she said. when i imported the test data. the gallery test data article shows