How to remove that on mouse hover on scrollbar div is hidden?

Actually, I also don’t know what is the actual problem?
I am working on one retail website so in that site left side “Shop by Category” is there. When you mouse hover on this then all categories are visible with the scrollbar. So the problem is that when you took mouse on scrollbar then all categories are not visible (means I am not able to scroll the categories).
website URL is
You go through this URL then you understand what is the problem.
Please help me for this issue?
Thank you.

That is a slow loading website.

Seems to work OK for me in IE and Firefox.

This is a drawback of hover menus and you can only scroll with the mousewheel button on most browsers because as soon as you go over a scrollbar the hover effect is gone.

You can scroll with the mousewheel but if you try to use the scrollbar then the hover effect goes away.

This is another reason to avoid hover menus and use click menus instead which are easier to use and better for all devices including mobiles.

thank you for a response.

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