How to Remove spam result from SERP?

hello my site is Cuisine Sante International (Cuisine Sante International)

when i search keyword ‘Cuisine Sante International’ on google it shows some spam result that’s not good for our business can anybody explain me how to remove it???

Please check attachment and give me proper solution

thank you…

Which result are you calling a spam result? Is it spam because it isn’t relevant to the search, or do you mean the sites that say you send spam e-mail?

We can’t see your attachment. You can’t embed an image from a member-only forum into another forum.

i have mention in my thread image already shown above 2 result are span in serp i want to remove that… what i have to do for that??

As I said in the text you quoted, we can’t see that image.

I do not see spam as the top 2 results. I see legitimate websites. There’s nothing you can do to remove those from the SERP, you can just try to outrank them.

Can you explain what is the spam result?

When search ‘Cuisine Sante International’ on google

In SERP 3rd result is Rip-off Report and 5th result is scam report i want to remove that what i do for that??

Don’t work for a company that rips people off. Simple.

The internet is the ultimate democracy, it allows the ultimate freedom of speech. If a company is scamming people and lots of people complain about it on a website, that company has no redress unless the claims made are libellous and/or false. People searching on Google for your business have just as much right to read negative reviews as to find your website.

hello stevie any solution on that???

I gave you the solution in the first line.

If the negative claims made about your company are demonstrably false then you should approach the website that is hosting them and explain why they are incorrect. If the website refuses to do anything about it then you should take legal advice.

If the negative claims made are either true or are a matter of opinion that can’t be proven one way or the other then your company needs to clean up its act so that it doesn’t upset customers in future. And that’s probably way outside the scope of its website.

Attachments need to be approved and that takes a while. Anyway, your attachment is completely irrelevant because it is enough to know that the list shows two sites with two different negative comments about your site.

You can’t control that, you can only have more people praising it and then those other sites will be outranked.

I am also facing the same problem. When you search for discountpandit on google you will find spam results on 3rd page. I approached site webmaster regarding this. But no response. how to remove that.?

You’re not facing the same problem; this thread is not about spam in the search results, despite its title. This thread is about customer complaints and other negative feedback about a website appearing in search results – these sites are not spam.

If there’s actual spam in a search result, click the “Give us feedback” link at the bottom of the search result page, click “Google’s search results weren’t helpful” then click “The results included spam.”. This takes you to the form to report spam to Google.

Completely agree with your point that approaching the website is the only solution in this case.But their SERP may decrease with the time if they don’t do any SEO. And by getting more and quality backlinks and applying other white hat SEO activities may increase desired websites SERP.I think its possible what you say?

I think that’s a very dodgy strategy to try. For a start, how do you know that they won’t be “doing any SEO”? For a second, websites don’t have to “do any SEO” to remain successful. A site that offers people the chance to vent their frustration at companies who have given them bad service is likely to remain popular. If your company doesn’t fix its core problem of giving bad service, the number of bad reviews is likely to grow, and the site is likely to improve its position in the search results rather than drop.

I don’t say they don’t have any SEO.I said that if they don’t do any SEO then their SERP may decrease with time.I agree with your point.First they need to fix the core problem to get good response from the visitors.

thanks for your all suggestion but still not get proper solution …

Yes you have. This is how the world works. It will not bend to your will.